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International supermodel Karen Elson has finally pulled out what she's been keeping behind her fashionable back--a talent for music. She recently released her first solo album "The Ghost Who Walks" and it is already causing quite the stir. (The saying "no longer just a pretty face," would probably work pretty well right here.) In her recent interviews--with Vogue, Interview Magazine, and Nylon to name a few--she talks about hiding her interest in making music at first, even from husband Jack White, but after gathering enough courage to let her secret out, she immediately hit the studio the next day. The result: a gothic-folk album produced by hubby White, that is receiving a lot of love. While we wish they had spent a little longer in the studio--the album has a perfect balance of upbeat twangy singles and romantic tales, but there are a few songs that feel empty or repetitive--it has, however, still made its way onto our hearty iPods.

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