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Kate Bush melts for a melting snowman in her new video "Mistraldespair"

Psychrophilia--it's a thing. It means you get sexy feelings from touching cold things or watching others freeze. In her video "Mistraldespair" (which is a 2-minute segment of the 13-minute song "Misty"), Kate Bush gets down with a snowman who crawls into bed with her. "He's full of dead leaves/Bits of twisted branches/And frozen garden," she sings. Definitely a new spin on Frosty the Snowman.

The whole album, titled 50 Words for Snow, is winter-appropriate, to say the least. Other tracks include "Snowflake" and "Snowed in at Wheeler Street." More importantly, reviews for the album are through the roof.

Check out her "Mistraldespair" video below for a taste of 50 Words for Snow and get your mittens on the rest of Kate Bush's new tracks.

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