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Clubhouse Pouch and Snack Pack.

As you may already know, we love LeSportsac's Artist in Residence program (we even featured the late heir, Fifi Lapin, in our first issue of hearty), and in lieu of spring fever, LeSportsac introduces us to Katharina Leuzinger. Born from Swiss and Japanese parents, raised in Zurich, and schooled in London, Katharina has so much culture buzzing through her veins, we think we'd swoon over anything she creates. For this season, Katharina introduces some new patterns to some of our favorite styles, including House Boat, Heart House Graphic, Snakville and Treehouse.  Our favorite combinations include the hearty eyed octopus Boat House pattern on the Double Trouble Tote, the Clubhouse Pouch and all the Snack Packs!

See more of the new Katharina Leuzinger LeSportsac collection below.

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