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Shaheen, Floral.

Even though KEEP shoe tag's say 100% canvas, according to KEEP they should actually say, 33% blood, 33% sweat and 34% tears. KEEP was built on the backs of their friends and they value their extended family, which is why KEEP is using their Spring/Summer 2010 lookbook as time to showcase some of their favorite people that helped KEEP grow in one way or another. The Family Album even features some of our past features like Wendy Yao from Ooga Booga and Ray Potes of Hamburger Eyes. And of course they couldn't forget Ray's creepy little alien Gray Gray.

As far as the shoes, Spring/Summer 2010 brings new materials and colors for KEEP. Spring features lots of Japanese milled plaids and checks, plus a unisex floral that gives flowers its due. Summer focuses on bright solids, classic oxford and seersucker plaids, plus waterproof nylon inspired by kite fights we used to have as kids.

Check out more from the KEEP Spring/Summer 2010 Family Album below.

The Nuss.

Ashley and Kevin Christy's dog, Cub.

Wendy and Max at Ooga Booga.

Ray of Hamburger Eyes.

Gabriel and Tony with Gray Gray looking cool in his sunglasses.

Ashley Thayer.

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