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Fashion writers, stylists and editors seem to be an aspiring dime-a-dozen on this jam packed island. But the rare people who have the guts to be persistent, the brains to get it done, mixed in with the right set of social skills, find their way to the forefront of the New York fashion scene. Marching on the front lines is fashion editor and writer Kelley Hoffman. Kelley is sharp, relentless, and sweet, and has written for the likes of, Interview magazine and New York Magazine. From pieces about doing mushrooms at a runway show in Amsterdam to interviews with fashion elites to coverage on New York's weirdest parties, Kelley taps into it.  Welcome our latest guest blogger, Kelley Hoffman. Over the next few weeks Kelley will be spotlighting different locations around the world from a hearty perspective--from Austin to the Hamptons, look out for her upcoming guest blogs!

But for now, we asked Kelley a few questions to help everyone get acquainted.

Things you heart.

Whit Stillman movies, clementines, my accordion.

Where are you originally from?

The central coast of California.

Where in New York do you live now?

Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Why fashion?

I have and will always be a sucker for good-looking things!

Describe your closet for us?

Winter has been mostly all about my Dad's old sweaters. And a vintage LL Bean aviator jacket. Since my hair is so white and long try to understate it with out with masculine pieces. For shoes I like Swedish Hasbeens or Chanel flats, I think shoes should be classic. I have some Christopher Kane party dresses and some smarty day-to-night skirts from Boy by Band of Outsiders and Alexander Wang. I don't really like jewelry or bags or pants.  My closet is small and I am constantly cleaning it out to sell or donate -- it's a much better high than shopping.

You’ve written for Interview,, New York Mag to name a few, 
how did these opportunities come about?

Definitely through interning and being part of a supportive community of writers.

Your favorite “looks” that are becoming popular?

I like the realist photography prints seen on the Fall 2011 Rodarte gowns, the Chloe Sevigny x OC Mapplethorpe T-shirts, and We Are Handsome bathing suits – it’s a fun trend. I like to mix '70s guy with a touch of '90s girl, like young Leonard Cohen/Chevy Chase meets The Craft/Riot Grrl.

Least favorite?

Outfits composed from too many fashion blogger styling trends (see: floppy hat + mohair vest + piled on rings + Lita boots). IRL it starts to get costumey.

Your theme song for life right now?

The Shining Twins "Psycho"

Favorite fashionable females?

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Kim Basinger in Batman, Meryl Streep in Manhattan

As a guest blogger, what will you be bringing to hearty?

Twitter currently suggests I am most like David Lynch and Alexa Chung, so I can only hope to be somewhat as awesome as a half 50-something surreal man and half insidery sarcastic fashion friend sounds.

Follow Kelley on Twitter at: @Kelley Hoffman

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