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This says it all.

Jay-Z is on his generous game (perhaps taking the moral lesson of his newest project Annie to heart) collabing with the comeback kid, Justin Timberlake and most recently, Kendrick Lamar on his vibing "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" track, following a Lady Gaga remake.

The collaboration was released in part last week at SXSW by Young Guru during his DJ set but has now come to the light as a full fledged remix. The implications of this collaboration could possibly mean more bitching tracks from King B and the Kobe to his Jordan, Kendrick. No Jay-Z inclusion would be complete without reference to the queen -- "Up in the clouds/me and my spouse." He goes on to reference Hilary Swank and a certain green, illegal substance.

The remix cover art features Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan making the assumption clear -- this is the King and the prodigy. Listen to the full track below or watch Young Guru debut it at SXSW.

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