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Khloe and Lamar Unbreakable Unisex Fragrance Commercial

From Acne to Tom Ford, unisex collections and fragrances are hot right now. And leave it to the Kardashian family to take something fresh and interesting and melt cheese all over it.  Next week Khloe and Lamar will be releasing their own unisex fragrance, "Unbreakable." They are promoting it with a commercial that left us confused. Maybe, they should have included a brief disclaimer before the ad, "ATTN: NOT A JOKE, PLZ TAKE US SERIOUSLY." In terms of the styling, the only pieces worn are diamond wedding rings that overtly glimmer in the light of the camera as Khloe whips her hair and straddles Lamar from behind. Classy. Thank you, Kardashian family, for providing us with endless entertainment.

Watch the Unbreakable perfume/cologne Khloe and Lamar commercial above.

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