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For those of us who follow Hollywood, it seemed Kirsten Dunst had fallen off the map. Rumors swirled (then were confirmed) she was in rehab, but for what remained a bit of a mystery. It turns out it was depression--something she feels most people in their twenties will go through.

Fresh from treatment, Dunst has completed her first major movie since 2008, All Good Things, opposite Ryan Gosling. In a recent profile in New York Magazine, Dunst spoke about her depression and absence from the movie world. "You grow up in a business where there’s a lot of people-pleasing," she said. "It’s hard to be firm in your own ground and not be afraid to rock the boat. I was swallowing a lot of stuff … In my relationships and personal life I absorbed things from other people, and then because of what I do for a living, I had to keep giving. It can dissolve you.”

Dunst's new movie, All Good Things, opens December 3rd. Watch the trailer below.

Via: New York Magazine

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