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Kitsuné is the new after school special

The concept of a "uniform" is foundational to the Maison Kitsuné ethos. Since their first collection, the preppy button downs and tailored suiting pieces have made putting an outfit together swift, chic and methodical --as easy as putting on a uniform but with way more style. With the addition of Kitsuné Tee, for the fall/winter 2012 season, the French brand added in a taste of athletic wear (awesome gym uniform?). Now, with Kitsuné spring/summer 2013, the cutest uniform moments happen when both are brought together and formal pieces get paired with sportswear, just like in high school. Varsity jackets balance out wrap skirts, collars peak out from under baseball shirts, and cute caps literally top off any combination. For s/s '13, Kitsuné is also introducing some new floral patterns. The straight-A student is letting her hair down a bit.

See a preview of the upcoming Maison Kitsuné and Kitsuné Tee's s/s '13 collections below.

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