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Converse helps you brush up on your K-Pop with Jaurim, Aziatix and Idiotape.

Three Artists, One Song, has been an ongoing project for Converse and its league of collaborating musicians. It's exactly what it sounds like--three different artists get together and make a single track. In February, they released "#DoYaThing" by Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and James Murphy. This spring, Converse enlisted a trifecta of Korean talent to create the track "#Peepshow."

Why do all the songs have hashtags? We don't know but the song is delightfully K-Pop thanks to Idiotape's beats. There's also indie rock riffs and Korean/English mixed up lyrics from Jaurim with a side of Aziatix's rapping. Imagine you're at a food court in a Korean mall and put a bit of everything on one plate. It's slightly confusing yet enticingly exotic.

Listen to the Converse Three Artsists One Song track "#Peepshow" below.

#PeepShow by ConverseSocial

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