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Kraftwerk are taking over NYC

Let's talk about art here. Okay, not the "art scene", the "arty music scene." If you are a part of said scene, you already know that German synth pioneers Kraftwerk are playing eight consecutive sold-out shows at New York City's Museum of Modern Art. (For those of you who don't know Kraftwerk, they were an extremely influential electronic band from the 1970's who's music sounds a lot like the theme song from "Revenge of the Nerds.") The re-united band will be doing one album per night, giving audiences the most exclusive, what-the-fuck performance instillation since that girl did that naked thing with paint.

But it's not just the original members of Kraftwerk. It's Kraftwerk 1-8 Condensed which includes Kim Gordon, Parts and Labor's Dan Friel, Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am under his Publicist moniker, Julie Cafritz of Pussy Galore and Free Kitten (so happy that Cafritz is back in the music game), Pete Nolan of Magik Markers, Barry London of Oneida, and more.

Good luck getting in, it's sold out, but stay tuned so you can hear about all the awesome musicians you won't get to see collaborate live together.

Sourced via: Pitchfork

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