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Swag in Hell

If you’ve been following the evolution of streetwear, you’ve encountered Kokon To Zai, better known as KTZ. The Church print collection KTZ released last season became a staple design for the new wave of gothic infused hip-hop fashionistas--the kids dancing to lo-fi bass in warehouses and swearing off established high fashion designers while pining for them in the same breath.

KTZ’s Church print was the perfect answer, creating an iconic pattern for our modern movement, like what the browned Louis Vuitton pattern is for bougie moms is what the black and white Russian letter KTZ print is for the rising youth.

In fact, the Church print was so popular, that it boosted KTZ from the shadows of its cult-like followers to the spotlight of pop culture--did you really think mainstream stars could keep their hands off something so independently cool? In a shortlist, Kanye West, Roses Gabor, and Mykki Blanco, have already dawned the print and cemented its relevancy by way of music videos and appearances, a buzz which set the fashion world abuzz with curiosities and questions--would KTZ be able to follow-up their breakout year?

Yes. KTZ’s fall/winter 2013 London Fashion Week presentation let the industry know they are more than a passing trend. Continuing in the same vain of their previous inspirations, their new collection is based off witches and dark magic. The resulting look is like an evil wizard going through puberty and listening to punk, while getting ready for the big ball. Patches, frills, horns, and dominatrix-ready masks are tools for framing long, non-traditional jacket cuts and adorning pants. Black and white patterns are back again, and big lettered words like “DEATH” are scrawled over these daunting pieces.

Check out the the KTZ f/w '13 collection below.

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