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Bundle up and get ready for winter with Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile has become the new depresso-slacker hero. Taking over for Elliott Smith, his songs are dark, brooding masterpieces that have gained him respect from the likes of, well, Kim Gordon. After signing to Matador Records in 2009, he became famous in small circles of music lovers and quickly gained critical acclaim. His latest record, Smoke Ring for My Halo was released this year and features the song “Baby’s Arms.” Now, La Blogotheque and Kurt Vile have teamed up to make a new, more fitting video for the song. Set in a quiet corner, surrounded by rose bushes, the song’s hushed vocals and fluttering guitar just fit. Vile’s delicate, haunting voice, drenched in reverb is the perfect soundtrack to the cold, curled-up misery that is winter.

See La Blogotheque’s version of Kurt Vile’s video for “Baby’s Arms” below.

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