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Linger is a company in the exotic, romantic regions of New Jersey that makes the worlds first "internal feminine flavoring" or vagina mint. Yes, that's right. A mint for your f--king vagina. As if there aren't already enough products available to remind women that our bodies are gross and should be kept "fresh" with chemicals strong enough to kill tough grease.

Just take a peek on Linger's website, which details the use of the product as well as some testimonials and instructions on how to use the mint. Linger activates with your body in a slow-release fashion so your partner can "linger" as long as he/she likes. The website also includes a section called, Our Story, which is the poor-man's version of an erotic novel complete with the caramel-skinned stranger and the always sexy "entering me with his finger" talk.

As Jen Phillips at Mother Jones points out:

And if you actually do expect to use Linger to "flavor the woman in a manner that is safe and effective," be warned: its primary ingredient is sugar, which is not safe for the vagina. It messes up the pH and can lead to a really painful yeast infection, a condition that definitely doesn't make someone want to "linger."

We're just thrilled that Linger is here in time for Christmas because douche kits are just too big to use as stocking stuffers.

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