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Lamin Fofana's Dubious Prey EP is set to be released on January 30 via Sticks "N" Stones

This week's track meet can only dubiously be called a proper track. It's a preview of an EP that showcases two tracks in one neatly bound mp3, but we like to push the boundaries like that, so we're throwing it at you. Lamin Fofana's preview for his EP Dubious Prey sounds like sex--no metaphor intended. The preview opens with a sample of  the title track, a downbeat lullaby ornamented with this drawn out throaty gasping. The first half of the preview runs like the kind of foreplay it takes to get the deed done right.  The second track, Brokedown City, does away with all hesitation and withholding.  The upbeat tropical banger releases all the pulsing energy tied up in the opening track. As a cohesive preview, the combination plays like an intimation of that thang we like to do in the dark.

Fofana was raised in Sierra Leone and relocated to New York in '97. His investment in coalescing world music, electronic technology and found sounds distinguishes him from his peers.  Like all the other Dutty Artz artists, his music is genre-defying. Though he is a loving affiliate of our friends over at the Dutty family, this EP is being released on UK label Sticks ‘N’ Stones.

Stay tuned for Lamin Fofana's Dubious Prey which will be released on January 30 (vinyl) and February 27 (digital). In the mean time listen to the preview below.

Lamin Fofana - Dubious Prey E.P Vinyl release Out on 30 Jan 2012_Sns003 by Sticks "N" Stones

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