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Pierre Thoretton's L'Amour Fou is a look into Yves Saint Laurent's personal life through the auctioning of his prized possessions

By: Liz Lenkinski

Yesterday we got a sneak preview of the new documentary, L’Amour Fou, the story of the epic love affair between Yves Saint Laurent and his partner in life and fashion, Pierre Bergé. From their first meeting at the funeral of Christian Dior, Bergé was hooked, “I loved Yves from the first day I met him--and I can tell you that even now as we speak I love him still.”

Together the two men built a life devoted to loveliness--collecting a hoarder’s trove of modern art and objects of beauty. The collection, which included the Mondrian painting that spawned one of Saint Laurent’s most famous collections, is the framework through which their romance is told. After Saint Laurent’s death Bergé,, has decided to auction off their prized possessions, a symbolic dismantling of the glamorous life they led together.

This story has it all: 1960's Parisian cool, parties at their Moroccan compound with The Rolling Stones, drug addiction, eventual redemption, and breathtaking footage of Saint Laurent’s sketches and couture collections. It’s a beautifully shot, romantic treat for fashion and film lovers alike. Plus, it’s in French, and reading subtitles is totally the best way to feel like a cultured intellectual in less than two hours.

L’Amour Fou opens May 13th at IFC. Watch the trailer here.

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