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Dear Leather Shorts,

Re: Please don't chafe us this summer

Hey slick, how goes it? Damn you look tight. Tight like Rachel Zoe's new neck. "A-ma-zing."

You are not an easy thing to pull off, especially in the summer. You are like Kate Moss in Daisy Dukes and gum boots--a frickin' fabulous one time deal. So we hear that you are all the rage for Spring 2010. Did you come back because Cherie Currie came back in a big way, or are you just sneaking in for one last hurrah before you retreat back to the '80s? Whatever the reason, you are here and we should embrace you (even though you chafe us sometimes). What should we match you with? Where should we take you? And how the hell do we wear you when it starts getting really hot? Polyvore had some ideas about your best matches (you look cute from Surface to Air) and we're going to use that as a blueprint until we figure out how to master you on our own.

Big Love,

Pale Legs & the Girls Attached to Them

Images via Refinery 29, Polyvore, Google

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One Response to “LETTER TO LEATHER”

  1. adapho says:

    sombody should really tell me where to get the shorts in the first image.

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