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Leland Bobbé’s “The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived” series showcases individuality and personal creativity, not just tits

It isn’t often that burlesque performers allow photographers to take their picture offstage. The tight-knit community usually guards their stage personas like a mother tigress. But, Leland Bobbé and his wife, Robin were granted permission to capture performers from New York City’s Neo Burlesque scene in a unique ongoing (and award winning) portrait series.

The photos capture performers in characteristic poses--sometimes fierce, shy, goofy or bratty. Shining through the elaborate costumes, colorful makeup and cheeky immodesty is the honest and unique personality of each performer. Individuality and quirkiness is what makes burlesque so exciting and we love that so many different body types are celebrated in a positive and confident way.

See more nudity (yes, that's' probably the first time we have said that) below!

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