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This old dog has tricks--Leonard Cohen releases a new single

The sexiest old man there is, Leonard Cohen, has just released a single from his upcoming album, Old Ideas, which is set to come out on January 31, 2012. The song, “Going Home” is reminiscent of other Cohen works, though his voice seems to have gotten scratchier with time, almost to the point of a whisper. Self-loathing, mocking lyrics that epitomize Cohen’s poetic legacy grace this song with a beautiful charm that only a legend could get away with. Accompanying Cohen are the cheesy backup vocals we’ve learned to tolerate since the early 80s. Now in his 77th year, Cohen has received countless accolades from all over the world and is back making music. His new song is somber and sensual--in some senses it feels like somewhat of a goodbye. We seriously hope not.

Listen to Leonard Cohen’s “Going Home” here.

Heard via: The New Yorker

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  1. Brittany says:

    This album more than the others really has something for everyone. 77 years old, a living legend, and he still makes music that speaks to so many. I LOVE the campaign going on now. It’s great to hear newer artists, like Cold War Kids, recognizes Cohen’s breadth and honor him so well!

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