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Léonie Hampton gets into people’s heads, and documents it for all to see

Since she was six years old, London-based photographer, Léonie Hampton has been perfecting her craft. Stemming from a fascination with how people relate to each other within family structures, she began documenting the lives of different families in Rome, London, Cuba, Los Angeles and France. After capturing private moments of joy, tenderness and anger, she decided to delve into her own family life. In 2007, she worked alongside her mother who had struggled with OCD for years and had an overwhelming collection of personal artifacts. Léonie photographed the process of clearing out boxes, sorting through years of memories and all the emotional anguish that went along with it. At the end of the experience, she put together a book titled, In the Shadow of Things. The book was released last March and has since received a sizeable amount of media attention.

Taking photos from her book, as well as older photos from the families she had visited over the years, Léonie’s new exhibit, “Anger, Tenderness and Joy” opened in September at the Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam. Her work will be on display until November 17.

Not in Amsterdam? See more of Léonie Hampton's photography below.

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