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Last night, Levi's hosted a party to celebrate the opening of their new concept store in the Meatpacking District. So many shops in the Meatpacking District seem to be designed with sterility in mind (or maybe the "clean look" is just in), but it makes for a tense feeling. The Levi's store felt really comfortable and functional--kinda like their jeans--plus, the store even smelled good! They burn their own unique incense, a mahogany and bourbon smelling blend, which you can actually buy. And to boot, the Levi's executives and employees are quite possibly the most delightful, welcoming people in the entire world. (Another thing that sets them apart from the rather uptight, snobbish demeanor  of the usual meatpacking crowd.)

The store houses an on-site tailoring shop for denim repairs and will focus on stocking some of the harder-to-find limited edition and collaboration items.  Mini-red velvet cupcakes floated around for attendee's tasting pleasure and our favorite all-girl punk pop band, The Vivian Girls played an amazing set.

Check out pics from the opening of the Levi's event below.

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