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The Bumbys giving appearance appraisals at the Levi's Fall '11 preview presentation

"At first I thought you were Cat Power's more voluminously in the hair departments sister," was how my Bumby assessment started. "But then I realized you're probably an only child." I have a sister and a brother, but the sentiment of my appearance appraisal was there.

Last night we attended the Levi's Fall '11 preview event, where we checked out the upcoming collection and got Bumby'd! In different corners of the room were mini scenes, showcasing the clothes in lifestyle environments--laying around in bed with your man, hanging out on the couch with friends, playing in leaves, swinging on a swing and even taking a bath. Normally we take off our jeans to get in the bath, but we definitely aren't complaining about what we found in this tub (see picture below).

The first thing you saw as you walked through the doors to the old Deitch Gallery on Wooster St.  were The Bumbys, who became the talk of the party.  Dressed in red wigs, bandannas and sunglasses (to hide their identities), The Bumbys looked like radical rebels ready to rob a bank, and despite room full of beautiful models, and not to mention beautiful attendees (it was a fashion party), commanded some serious attention. The Bumbys were busy giving their now famous "honest appraisal assessments" typing on a little card about what your appearance says about you. Luckily for some of the anxious-about-their-appearance-party-goers, The Bumbys are never mean. (See mine below.)

Some of our favorites from the Levi's fall '11 collection include the over-sized shawl with a bandanna print, the ripped denim jeans with peeks of wool print fabric in the holes and the striped sweaters. See more pictures of the Levi's fall '11 collection and The Bumby's below.

That scarf and the jeans we were talking about!

William Yan hopped in the display for us. Hi Mr. Yan!

Here's what we found in the bath tub.

My (Hana's) Bumby assesment

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  1. Mish mish says:

    I say “like”.

  2. Mira Mira says:

    You ARE the ultimate girl scout. But I give you an Overall: 10

  3. Charlotte charlotte says:

    prepared and hot


  4. jess bloom says:

    i love it!

  5. Dana says:

    i miss that bathtub guy…

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