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Heather Benning knows how to make life fun for adults—make them feel eight again.

Remember how easy life was when you were little? No bills, no responsibility, and more play time than you could fill. Before you actually had to do dishes and clean your house, you could pretend to do it—and it was fun. Now that these mundane tasks have become part of our everyday lives and most every new children's toy is electronic, the need for some nostalgic, colorful children's toys has emerged.

Artist Heather Benning has created a life size (err, we mean, adult size?) dollhouse in the middle of the Saskatchewan prairies. In 2005, Benning found the abandoned house and spent the next two years painting and decorating the house's run down interior, transforming it into a retro, 60s play time dream. Each room, freshly painted a different pastel hue and filled with kitchy furniture and lighting, makes us want to play dolls and not feel weird about it.

See more of Heather Benning's Dollhouse below.

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