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Lifetime's fall/winter 2011 collection is all about light and being alone

"A spotlight in the dark breaks the silence. There, you sit in it's light, and though you are alone, you are not lonesome. Fall, winter: these are times for introspection. Times to reflect. Like waking up, at first unsure, your eyes strain to focus. As the light hits, you begin to hone in on a familiar place. Comfort is in the details. Focusing in, it all starts to become clearer: new vision, new dimensions. Ideas are brought to light. At very angle and in every look, you see reflections. Light travels, time passes, elapses. A meandering of the mind, and you remember its light. It's light! It travels, bounces forth, brings colour to the eye in depth and richness. Chiaroscuro. It moves you. You sway, revealing new textures in areas that were before only shadows. At once stern and serene, a shirt, a shoe, a cuff, a collar. These are not details, no, they are a frame. You are the focal point, the portrait, the plane." - Lifetime on their fall/winter 2011 collection.

See the rest of the Lifetime women's fall/winter 2011 lookbook below.

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