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Lily Cole, you hussy

With a name like "Sacrilege," the Yeah Yeah Yeahs melody's music video had to feature some sort of burning-at-the-stake scene. Lily Cole was the plucked Hester Prynne for the occasion.

The video begins with a visually shaken Lily at the stake then backtracks through the unfortunate series of events that got her that scarlet A. The townspeople are all aflutter searching for Lily as she flees a man's boudoir in her unmentionables. Cut to a scene of Lily getting intimate with Man #1. Then a preacher. Then an old man. Then a young man. Then an auto mechanic. A well to do husband. A woman. A sheriff? And then there she is in her pure white wedding gown getting married. Sacrilege.

Watch Lily Cole in the the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new video "Sacrilege" below. NSFW.

Spotted via: Oyster

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