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A solo release from one half of Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland

Inga Copeland is half of the mysterious, high-energy, high-antics duo, formerly known as Hype Williams, that released, Black is Beautiful under the pair's proper names earlier this year. This week, she released "BMW" a solo track off of her forthcoming 12" Faith. "BMW" is a low-key ballad to a life in the city that seems to wear away at the spirits of so many artists at different points in their careers. Its melancholic tone still retains the roving bass and reggae undertones Copeland was known for when she and Blunt were still calling themselves Hype Williams. But there is something essentially solitary and simplistic about the stripped-down track that sheds light on a side of her we've rarely seen. It's a song that could lay comfortably beside a piece from Holly Golightly as easily as it could one from Kode9.

Listen to Inga Copeland's "BMW" below and stay tuned for her solo 12" Faith.

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