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A mad hatter of experimentation, Raisa K’s lack of genre can be attributed to her appreciation of the mixtape culture

Raisa K’s love of music is apparent in her eclectic mix of noise. With her first EP, Feeder, it’s evident she’s been playing, cutting, hybridizing, matching and having a grand ol’ British time with an arsenal of industrial tracks. The music is, at times, evocative of the banging of pots and pans, a sort of youthful musical discovery--ever see a toddler happen upon sound?

Raisa K’s talent lies in a transformation of clash to treasure, morphing the keyboards she first claimed in her band Micachu and the Shapes into abrasively catchy tunes.  Her boundary-less approach to musical categories extends to her EP as well as each track retains its own individuality.

Listen to Raisa K's EP Feeder and watch her video for the song with the same name below.

Spotted via: Dazed

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