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In two weeks you can listen to Frankie Rose's new album Interstellar, but for now we  offer up the track, "Know Me"

This catchy new single from Frankie Rose's upcoming album Interstellar perfectly mixes reverb with an uptempo beat. "Know Me" has the 80's throwback sound of her previous work but it's arguably more pop than the songs she wrote with Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls and the Vivian Girls. Yes, Frankie boasts original alumni status with all of those bands but in the last few years she's struck out on her own.

Thee Only One, released in 2009, was the title of her debut solo album on Slumberland Records. It's fusion of noise, surf and post-punk rock  seduced music critics all across the boards. There's something undoubtedly addictive about Frankie's haunting yet light-hearted songs.

Check out the track, "Know Me," below and watch out for the full album, Interstellar, that drops on January 17th.

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  1. Dana says:

    FRANKIE RULES LIVE hi i love u frankie

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