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Little Dragon’s new video for “Brush the Heat” is a psychedelic family affair

This colorful, multi-patterned video is like going an acid trip sans drugs. But, an acid trip with your dad? Lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s father is an artist and along with his creative partner, OLGA, he created the new Little Dragon video. But, Dad wasn’t a stranger to working with his daughter’s band. His artwork was used on the cover of their first album. “The picture we used was a piece he had made in the 70s, so I grew up looking at that picture and was always very fascinated and drawn to it,” Yukimi told hearty. This video is filled with vivid colors, detailed patterns, geometric shapes moving in rhythm to the beat, and tons of eye imagery--you can feel the 70s inspiration. It is, how should we say, well, an trip.

Watch Little Dragon's video for "Brush the Heat" below.

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