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Backseat Bingo is the newest collection from vintage-inspired Little Rooms jewelry.

Little Rooms' new collection, "Backseat Bingo", will have you wanting to round up some Pink Ladies jackets. Channeling the 50's, their fall 2011 collection has a definite greaser-vibe. Think thin, long chains and chunky metal bangles.

The sharp-edged "Tally Shiv" earrings fit in perfectly with a pair of motorcycle boots and a worn-in leather jacket. The "Bandana Bow" bracelet, two-finger ring and necklace are must-have pieces that are easily paired with dramatic or casual looks. The "Floral Full Finger Ring" is a unique eye-catcher that will be coveted by anyone looking for a new stand-out piece.

by Rachel Bloom

The Backseat Bingo collection is available as of July 28, 2011. Check more lookbook images below and the Little Rooms website for details.

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