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hearty is proud to present our second Soundcloud mix: LOOK INSIDE by Lamin Fofana

There is something very marked about these months between Valentine's Day and the beginning of spring. The air seems to be filled with a kind of hesitant anticipation for good things to come, but with reservations about winter cold and feelings of loss after Whitney Houston's death. This mix fits right in with those confused, introspective feelings. A collection of some of the most interesting electronic music out there at the moment, LOOK INSIDE is a mix of forlorn voices interloping with fluid, emotional beats and bumps. The sounds are dealing with themes like memory, relationships, vulnerability, self-destruction and rebirth.

Lamin Fofana is an electronic producer based in New York who just released his latest EP Dubious Prey. When we asked him about the mix he said, "To be honest, the whole thing is a little too inward-looking." It's soft around the edges--but it also has teeth.

Listen to hearty magazine's LOOK INSIDE mix below and hit our Soundcloud page for the free download and tracklist.

Look-Inside-Mix by heartymagazine

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