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Guess what? Most modern women are losing weight. Yeah uh no, not, like, because of exercise or a healthy lifestyle or anything like that, no we're loosing purse weight.

According to a new report from the Associated Press, the average weight of the contents of a "lady's" handbag has decreased by more than half. Which means purse-people are now lugging around enough "make-up, mirror, tissues, perfumes, sanitary products, brushes, toothpaste, receipts, address books and headache pill[s]" to equate to about 1 "bag of sugar"--two years ago we were hoarding an average of 7.3lbs or "3 and a half bags of sugar." (By the way, I love the cooking-domestic-sugar metaphor here. I mean if they had said something confusing like, "3 and a half bags of gravel" I'd be all, 'What, like, the stuff you take when you feel barfy?')

Sue Tebbitts, handbag buyer at Debenhams said, "Finally the burden placed upon working women is falling and it's all thanks to technology."

Because that is "the burden" of working women--having to carry a pound (or three) of sugar in our purse. Please.

Source: Fashion United

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  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    hearty’s first ever bag dump by the one and only, the queen of crazies, the woman i love so much!

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