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A visual tribute to LouLou de la Falaise (May, 4 1948 – November, 5 2011)

LouLou de la Falaise was a jet-setter, fashion muse, designer, and model. But one photograph seemed to capture her for what she was beyond these various professions. LouLou stands, her arms outstretched in a large mirrored studio, gazing far away, completely uninterested in her apparent reflection. It’s undecided what her faraway expression holds. Behind her, enshrouded in shadow, stands Yves Saint Laurent. But the studio lights favor his muse LouLou, who is eternalized in this moment--all at once feminine, androgynous, and entirely mysterious.

Upon reflecting on this photograph, her legacy crystallizes. This was LouLou's way. It’s no small wonder her energy inspired Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking Tuxedo--a 3-piece suit that affirmed evolving female power and influence in the 1960s. It challenged gender boundaries. It was an enduring creation that epitomizes Loulou’s beauty and life. She was a true YSL woman.

Loulou, the daughter of a Schiaparelli model and a French count, worked closely with YSL for over thirty years, as his jewelry designer and creative partner, designed prints for Halston--she was a sartorial and female enigma.

See more of our visual tribute to LouLou de la Falaise below.

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