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Photographer Lynnette Astaire is guest blogging from hearty as she travels the globe

After spending time in Mexico City where having a camera can make you a moving target, it was great to spend the day in Oaxaca City. The 6 hour drive up from the Southern coast? Not so much.  Driving to the city consists of a 10,000 foot climb, a 20 degree temperature drop and more twists and turns than anything at your local amusement park.

Once I reached solid ground, I instantly fell in love with the look of the city. A lot of the architecture reminded me of one of my favorite American cities, New Orleans. The bright colors, stucco and balconies screamed French Quarter. No jambalaya though, which was all good because Oaxaca is especially known for their food. Wow. I had some frijoles that were so good that I walked in circles for an hour and sat through a thunderstorm just to find the restaurant again. After dark it reminded me of my old home in the East Village of NYC with tons of taxis, tourists and a weekend vibe like Union Square in the summer.

I also made a stop in Santa Maria Atzompa, a small town right outside Oaxaca’s center city. I found a lot of artisan markets here, most of them specializing in ceramics. As a foreigner this can be heartbreaking to see so many things you’d love to see at home because shipping from Mexico can be risky and costly.

Oaxaca is the perfect pit stop if you are traveling through the Mexico and want to see what many say is the most authentic city in Mexico. Agreed.

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The Volkswagen Beetle AKA vochol is one of the most popular cars here in Mexico.

RIDIC!! Children hanging out of windows, on back of trucks…seat belts unfortunately seem to be optional around these parts.

If you aren’t afraid, try the street food and small hole in the walls like these.

So much pottery, so little luggage space! (Santa Maria Atzompa)

Coca Cola is king here, I’m convinced the locals drink it more than water. (Santa Maria Atzompa)

Modesty seems to rule most of the world…but I’m just fine with my tank top and shorts. (Santa Maria Atzompa)

CAPTION THIS! (Santa Maria Atzompa)

I’d just turned around from taking a pee behind a tree and caught this parade. (Santa Maria Atzompa)

Many homes in smaller towns are built with whatever available materials that can be found, such as this aluminum siding. (Santa Maria Atzompa)

There are a million and one ways to get around in Mexico and this is one of them.

We showed some love on our way out of town.

Viva Mexico, viva the rain season.

There’s something about stucco.

Baskets, boxes or babies, nothing is here is off limits to carry on your head.

So I totally stalked this lady for the perfect shot.

I found plenty of new doors for my #doorgame Instagram series.

Google Martha Libertaria and get inspired.

As the storm approaches I am still wandering around looking for those delicious beans.

Oaxaca’s zocalo.

Street food rules!

This street reminds me so much of Lafayette Street in NYC near Astor Place

Great street art courtesy of Los Come Pintura.

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