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We showed you Kenzo's "Electric Jungle" -- an art piece of psychedelic animal prints, colors, colors, colors and short, trippy flashes. And M.I.A.'s Matangi Mixtape for Kenzo (debuted at the fall/winter 2013 show in Paris) is similarly wild. An audio jungle, if you will, of gun shot infused tribal beats and foreign vocals. We even hear elephant-inspired snores and even the faintest jungle chirps at one point. But what's really working is the mix of samples she uses, old school Bollywood according to adoring soundcloud commenters.

M.I.A. and her 8 minute mix are the perfect complement to the fashion house's current frame of high-energy hues and prints. The collection itself was inspired by Hindu temples according to one half of the design pair, Humberto Leon, making the Eastern tunes appropriate. The last three minutes or so feature M.I.A. in all her British accented glory riffing on her power--an appropriate claim given her upcoming ventures.

The mixtape is a tease really for the Matangi LP release due in April that will coincide with the release of her autobiography, a documentary and an exhibition. Girl power.

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