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Daphne Guinness is the latest style icon to collaborate with MAC Cosmetics

The day after Christmas, MAC Cosmetics bequeaths another gift upon us: the Daphne Guinness Color Collection. According to WWD, the shades are "rich, seasonal hues" so we're picturing blood red gloss, mahogany shadow and smokey ink liner. If the collection is true to Daphne's usual aesthetic, there will be a couple of frosty pinks and purples in the mix as well.

A year ago, Daphne was the face of NARS and the namesake for its fall 2010 royal purple eye shadow. For a woman so loyal to her clothing brands (McQueen, McQueen and more McQueen), it's curious she's switched her makeup gears so quickly. Did Francois Nars' muse jump ship or was last year's collaboration a mutual short term affair?

Whatever the reason, we're excited to see what MAC and Daphne have cooked up. The collection launches in North America on December 26th and goes international in January.

Keep scrolling to check out a few of our favorite Daphne Guinness faces for a taste of what's to come for MAC winter 2011.

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