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The Prince of Pop signs to Captured Tracks and wants to sell out ASAP

Mac DeMarco is a young man who makes incredible pop music, you may have heard of him before. And if you are a cute female, he may have tried to screw you. His latest album “Rock n’ Roll Night Club” (Captured Tracks) is a swooning, love fest of baby-soft sweetness that debuts in March.

A few years ago, DeMarco made a name for himself with his band Make-Out Videotape gaining international attention for their catchy pop tunes while on tour with Japanroids. Recently, DeMarco migrated from the West Coast to Montreal to go solo, but he carved his name in my heart a long time ago. I first met Mac because we both played in bands in the same town. I like little perverts who have big balls, so we became fast friends.

Mac and his new band were recently flown out to Vancouver to play a show and we met up at the park to drink some beers and catch up. He convinced me to interview him about his new record. I left out all the stories about scabies because when he finally hits puberty, he might be embarrassed about it.

Read the Q + A with Mac DeMarco below.

How are things different now that you are a solo artist?

I make way more money. I’m a pimp. I eat steak tartar in NYC.

No, really.

Nothing is different.

Why did you decide to go solo?

Well, it was really hard to tell my grandmother that my band was called “Make-out Videotape”--she thought I was a freak.

Who is in the band now?

Pierce McGary on the bass and Joe McMurray or “McFlurry” on the drums--

I coined that name, as you know.

[Laugh] Yeah and Peter Sugar on the lead axe and me on the other axe.

Are you happy with your new line-up?

Oh yeah. Pierce is ready to rock. Peter is too. But Joe gets a little upset with the drum solos I make him do, but hey, he has to do it because I am the boss. I’m the boss daddy. This is my music and my group. You spell boss like, “Baus.”

So, how was your big headlining gig in Vancouver the other night?

The big headlining gig last night in Vancouver, well, we played pretty late, probably around two in the morning, and when people bill us last especially at a show like that when they are giving us unlimited free beers it’s not a very good idea. We like to get drunk, so we get very drunk and the show really didn’t sound like music so we had to compensate by doing stupid things. I put my finger in my bum hole, then I put it in my mouth and I was hanging upside down from the ceiling. I did some crowd surfing, really just riling the crowd up. Ben Marvin, a good friend of mine, debuted his drumming techniques. It was a funky show.

But the fingers in the bum stuff… what does that do to your sex appeal with the lady fans? I mean, you get a lot of women but you are one of the grossest people I’ve ever met in my life.

Not that I really want to appeal to women because I got my sweet Kiki, I think now people want to come to the rock show, see who I am, maybe are interested, but as soon as they see me doing stuff like what I did last night, they don’t want anything to do with me anymore.

What if you get super huge and “The Man” tries to change you to a GQ guy?

I’d have to chuck the shmeebs.

What does that mean?

Well, I drink a lot of beer and eat crappy food so I get a gut. I got a couple shmeebs. You know, man boobs. Some guys get just a beer belly but I get the shmeebs and I have a huge ass.

That’s because you have a Canadian hockey bum. So, how did you do that super sexy low voice on “Rock n’ Roll Night Club”? Your voice is so different on that record compared to the Mac I know.

I slowed it down. It’s cheating. Everyone thinks I sound like Chris Isaac but I just cheated. That’s another thing, girls come to the show and think I’m like Elvis but then find out I’m gross.

What were the songs about on “Rock n’ Roll Nigh Club”?

I was trying to record Ramones-type songs but I found out that I am really bad at making Ramones songs. I slowed them down and tried to record them in my house and Joe, my drummer guy, would be milling about, unemployed, and he would say, “You should call this song ‘One More Tear to Cry.’ All the songs are bullshit really except for “She’s Really All I Need” and “European Vegas” which is about Montreal and how I feel about that city.

Why did you decide to move to Montreal?

Because every time we went to Montreal the shows were buck. When we would tour there, I thought it was badass. So, then I moved and I don’t mind it but there are a lot of pussies out there. I don’t feel the need to leave the house. I’m not into that whole picnic-blanket-bottle-of-wine-Morrissey-hair-cut shit so, you know.

You’ve never been that kind of guy.

No, because it’s lame.

Why do you think most musicians who end up successful were indie-nerds in high school?

The chongos thought I was a gay guy, but I was a bad boy and the girls liked to hang with me because I was a little bit funky and a little bit weird. They would let me sexually molest them in the hallways. I got away with murder.

You have always been hyper-sexual. It’s shows in your songs. I mean, you’ve been writing songs about sex, hymens and boobs since high school.

Yeah, but look, the reason you want to get in a band, as a guy, is because then girls will like you. This last album is a weird one because dads like me now. They think I sound like CCR. I don’t want to write sexy music, I want to write sweet music.

But then you act like G.G. Allin on stage.

For along time I tried to do the Jonathan Richmond thing and it’s sweet but it got boring. I like to get funky and the thing is now, I have had a girlfriend for two years, so I’m not interested in making people swoon. I just want to Marilyn Manson shock factor everyone in the crowd.

What’s your opinion on selling-out?

I think that it’s sweet because cash is money and it whips ass. People who get all mad when other bands “sell-out” is bullshit. I wish I could say I could play $5 all-ages shows forever but that doesn’t make me money and I don’t want to work at a grocery store for the rest of my life. I’m going to sell out at any possible crossroads.

- Mish Way

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    such a thug

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    such a baus

  3. bill says:

    Such a no-talent clown. Oh boy ironic rock and roll!

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