News__ MadeMe s/s ’13 Lookbook

October 02, 2012
Meet me in detention MadeMe's s/s '13 Lookbook puts the Hole-inspired collection in its place. Styled with flatform Mary-Janes, thick, black chokers, thigh high combat boots and smiley face contact lenses, Mademe's re-imagined grunge looks like it could outfit an army of angry school girls ready to chain-smoke in the parking lot behind the gym before taking over the world. In 2013, they're probably also well-versed in online hacking and could steal your identity in a pinch. In preparation for creating this collection, designer Erin Magee actually took up electric guitar to get in touch with her inner Courtney Love. Check out of more our favorites from MadeMe's s/s '13 Lookbook below.

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  • Jess Bloom

    i wish i could go back to high school and dress like this.