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Madonna's daughter Lourdes, is building up a pretty good resume for a 13-year-old--first as 'Creative Director' of her and her mother's new clothing line, Material Girl, and second as a blogger on the site. Her posts so far amount to fashion-related news, heavily punctuated by phrases like 'for realz' and 'ummmm.'

For example, her take on gladiator sandals: "people are STILL wearing them, and then I was just like OK NO! It’s been three years people COME ON!!!!!!!!! I’m just like what????" Ummmm, like what?! You can check out her blog to keep on top of  every thought (literally) that strikes Lola's head. Like did you know My Chemical Romance is her fave band? For realz!

"Ok so I think that is sufficient for my first blog entry and what do you know, it wasn’t all like “ummmmm”." - Lola

Via: Teen Vogue

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