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No, you’re not dreaming…

New York based artist, Maggie Harrsen is expanding her horizons by, well, examining the horizon. In a new series of short films shot in New York State, she explores nature in a simple, beautifully uncomplicated way. Using dream-like footage of bees, swans, clouds, waves, horses, flowers and ponds, Harrsen shows us life through a soft, virginal lens that reminds us that spring is on its way and we will very soon be able to explore nature from beyond the warm prison that is our boring winter houses.

See some of Maggie Harrsen’s dreamlike nature films below.

Untitled 1 from Maggie Harrsen

Untitled 2 from Maggie Harrsen

Untitled 3 from Maggie Harrsen

fire and water from Maggie Harrsen

Scoured via: Dossier Journal

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