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The battle continues

Chloë Sevigny appears in a new short film that might get Los Angelenos panties’ in a bunch. Magic Hour, directed by actress and designer Tara Subkoff, recalls the age old debate: which is better, NY or LA? In this 7 minute clip, Chloë plays a lonely New Yorker, recently relocated to LA. On the phone, pacing around her sun-drenched apartment, Sevigny vents about her new city’s shortcomings. Namely, the relentless sunshine, endless traffic, and the inevitable isolation from the city’s sprawl. We’re not sure how 24/7 sun-rays could ever be a bad thing, but it looks like Chloë’s got a case of the homesickness blues...the kind that fish tacos can’t even cure. Sevigny’s tongue-in-cheek performance is right on point, and so are her expert romper bathroom tactics.

Check out the short film Magic Hour featuring Chloë Sevigny below.

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