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Nike gave Casey Neistat a bunch of money and he ran with it

How many days does it take to get around the world? Well if you're actor/director Casey Neistat ten. As part of the Nike #MakeitCount campaign, which encourages people to ask themselves how will they make 2012 significant, Nike hired Meistat to make a movie about what it means to make it count. Instead of making the movie he used the money to travel around the world with his friend Max Joseph until the money ran out. (Of course, they did film the process.) Eating a lot of plane food and jumping off of everything they could climb, is juxtaposed by inspirational quotes from everyone from Mae West to Albert Einstein. Though the majority of us can't afford to hop on a plane (well lots of planes) around the world on a whim, the video does inspire a take-life-by-the-balls and run with it attitude. Be sure to take the money too.

Check out Casey Neistat's Nike #MakeItCount video above.

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