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Photo by Zyanna O'Connell that will appear in Makes No Difference.

Zyanna O’Connell first started taking photos when she was only 6 years old. She would head to summer camp with rolls and rolls of film and “would cost [her] mother lots of money developing them,” Zyanna says. So from a young age she has been documenting her life, but it wasn't until later that she realized she might be able to do more with it. Zyanna had her first solo exhibition when she was 20 years-old, later this year she will be publishing her own book through CONTINUE DE CREUSER and she has organized a photo show called Makes No Difference opening this Saturday.

The idea behind Makes No Difference, is to showcase young female photographers and artists with talent (and we happen to be sponsoring it). All the ladies in the show, are friends through each other, but everyone in the show has a different style and enjoys different subject matter so you can expect a selection of skateboards, boobs, nature and portraits, basically “some really awesome stuff you will want hang on your walls,” Zyanna says.

Makes No Difference will feature work from Michelle Ford, Alexis Gross, Laura-Lynn Petrick and Mimmi-Johanna Torell and Zyanna O'Connell. We caught up with Zyanna to talk about her craft and the upcoming show. Check it out below.

Makes No Difference
Opening July 10, 7-11pm. Show should be up for about a week.
The Baitshop, 358 Dufferin Street, Suite 117 Toronto, Ontario.

What are your favorite tools to work with?

My favorite tools would be film for sure. I have a lot of film cameras that I use all the time, but just recently bought a nice canon G10 which I adore. But film is where I have the most fun. I scan my negatives so its a fun process.

Where is your favorite place on the planet to shoot?

I would say I like to shoot when I travel more. Honestly, wherever my friends are primarily. But I guess NYC, there's just so much going on all the time, and too much commotion for people to care if you are being a voyeur.

You mentioned most of the shows you go to are for are all male photographers. Why do you think photography is dominated by men?

You know what, I have no idea why it seems that way to me. Maybe it's just where I live or who I know, but men dominate a lot of creative areas so it's nothing surprising. It just seems like any group show or any big deal photographer in magazines/blogs end up being dudes. I mean, it can't be because there's just more men doing it, I don't buy it. In any case, this show wasn't meant in the begining to be only females, but it's how it turned out, and I'm stoked on it.

What's the biggest similarity and the biggest difference between the photographers?

The biggest similarity aside from being chicks, I would say is how productive and busy everyone is with their own photography. The biggest difference, well it’s hard to say, we have different styles. Let's say hair cuts and cup size.

Do all the photographers live in the same city? Which ones will be at the show?

All of the photographers are from different places. Johanna is from Sweden, and is also in Toronto a lot. Laura-lynn is in Saint Catherines and Toronto. Alexis is in NYC, Michelle in B.C. and I'm in Montreal. But all the photographers will be at the show, so that's super exciting.

What's the best part about Canada?


When and why are you moving to New York?

I'm moving to NYC because I'm a duel citizen and its time for a change, I mean who doesn't want to live there at some point, right? If all goes well I should be there by October at the latest.

Where do you see photography going right now?

I have no idea and might be too old to know, but hopefully away from party photos.

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