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There are some major stereotypes about Sweden. People think swedes are a bunch of beautiful blonds who smell like campfire and only concern themselves with ABBA, gummy fish, Nobel Peace Prizes and bikes. All these stereotypes are pretty much true. Swedish people are gorgeous ladies and gents who only shop at thrift stores, eat elk, and enjoy jogging and biking. Seriously. That's what they do. Finding kids with cool style was so easy it was overwhelming. Here's eight of the best:

Name: Alana Du Rietz

How would you describe your personal style? Every day it changes. Today I channeled a japanese school girl.

Where do you get your clothes? I get them when I travel abroad and I go to vintage stores here.

(Note: Alana made sure to get her "pimped out bike" in the shot. Consider it done, Alana.)

Name: Therese

Age: 23

Where do you go shopping? H&M

Oh yeah, that started here. What do you do in your spare time in Sweden? I'm in a band. I play bass.

What's the band's name? We don't have one yet.

Name: Alma

Age: 14

What kind of music are you listening to? Nirvana

What is your natural hair color? Blonde

Name: Alve

Age: 24

What do you do? I'm starting school at Central Saint Martins for fashion design

Do you like living in Stockholm? It's ok. Kind of dull.

So you're excited to move to London? Yeah. Very excited.

Name: Sophie

Age: 20

What do you do? Student

Do you like living in Stockholm? Yes. I just moved here for studies.

Where are you from? Uppsala (about 50 miles away).

Name: Matilda

Style Inspiration: 1800's

Have you been to the Armory exhibit with all the clothes from the 1800's, here? No.

Name: Rolf

How would you describe your style? Old School

What do you do? Make custom clothes for people. I don't have a name for my line yet.

What kind of music are you into right now? HIP HOP

Name: Claes

What do you do? Make short films.

How would you describe your style? Second-hand rock academic

Can a girl get a bottle of flat water around here? I don't think so.

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