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"I'm not a superstar DJ. I'm just a DJ."

Mamy Rock a.k.a Ruth Flowers is a 70-year-old club DJ from Bristol. After the death of her husband, loss of her period and a new found love for house music (made clear when her grandson took her to a night club) Mamy Rock is now a full fledged disc jockey. The obviously unique trait of this rise-to-fame tale is the age of the contender. Mamy Rock is not a product of herself, but of French producer, Aurelien Simon, who aids her with her image and sound by "interject[ing] modern music through her set[s]." Regardless, Ruth seems like a pretty rad lady--like Aunt B, but with less denim and more chains. In a culture that tends to erase the elderly completely, MamyRock is giving a pretty big "f--k you" to anyone who thinks she should have retired with her dentures.

Check out more of MamyRock here and look out for an EP soon.

Via The Guardian UK

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2 Responses to “GOLDEN GIRL”

  1. Kenza Kenza says:

    I love her. My dream.

  2. sandre says:

    You rok baby!!

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