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A recent study done by hotel chain, Travelodge, confirmed that 25% of British, male travelers take teddy bears on the road with them when they travel for business. "These men report that their stuffed animals remind them of home and the significant others they have to leave behind." John DeVore, of The Frisky, discussed the study saying that most men are encouraged to let go of their toys - or have their toys not really be "toys" but figurines or such - earlier than females are.

Then, John got personal, revealing that he too still has his favorite child hood toy, a stringy, old, loved-to-death Grover doll that he still keeps tucked away in his closet. Although John does not drag Grover around the globe on business, he admits he would never part with the green monster.

"I applaud these men who carry their stuffed animals with them on their travels," wrote John. "These guys risk public ridicule whenever their baggage is searched. They are committed to these sentimental tethers to their home."

The consumption of childhood play is heavily gendered from the extremes of Barbie to G.I Joe. This isn't news to any grown adult. However, we internalize these rules deeply, forgetting that holding onto a watch, necklace, book or record is just the same act of savoring nostalgia as saving a teddy bear.

John also mentioned that when men "snuggle" it is usually a means to an end or "in order to procure sex, or as payment for services rendered." So, snuggling with a teddy bear seems completely ridiculous since, you know, you can't really bang a stuffed animal. This seems a bit insane. Let's be real here, the act of "snuggling" can not be gendered that easily. A person either feels like having a deep, post-coital snuggle or they don't. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation or reproductive parts. That is why items like "The Boyfriend Pillow" are so insulting.

"[M]ost guys I know who won't admit to having a stuffed animal have a desk adorned with action figures, which are just dolls with muscles."

We all have things we hold onto for whatever reason. And maybe some of us have those items on our pillow side when we're away at a stock meeting while others keep them on display near their record player. So, snuggle on British business men because it doesn't make you a "pussy."

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