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Dixie Elixirs - "The patient's choice for alternative MMJ treatment."

Dixie Elixirs has come out with a new product for the medicinal marijuana market—weed-infused soda pop.  The elixirs are available in delicious flavors like pink lemonade and root beer, and are designed for MMJ patients who want to steer clear of smoke inhalation and high-calorie baked edibles.  This intake method is a little more discrete for patients who don’t want to rep their medical blunts in plain sight, but promises an equally potent effect.  The medical benefits of cannabis have been associated with improving or preventing conditions including Alzheimer’s, spasticity in MS, certain types of cancer, and appetite loss for HIV/AIDS patients.

Finding smoking-substitutes like this for MMJ patients doesn’t just prevent them from having to hang in the dark alleys and shady corners akin to blazing, it’s also an important step in making medical marijuana a more viable health option.  Even though smoking weed cannot be linked to causes of COPD or lung cancer, the heat of smoke inhalation still paralyzes the cilia in your lungs.  Drinking Dixie Elixirs keeps both your cilia and your spirits afloat!

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