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The concept for L.A. Based photographer, Matt Logue's new book came when he was driving home in freeway traffic. Titled, "Empty L.A." the photos depict usually sunny and suffocating L.A, as a nearly post-apocalyptic city--lifeless as an empty swimming pool. For this reason, it took him four years to perfect the process of creating "people-free" images. "While seeing each image gradually emerge, I would experience a surprisingly intense feeling of what I can only describe as relief, finally getting to see the empty freeways and downtown," Logue told Science Fictional.

"I think there’s an underlying sense of hopelessness in many people about what we as a species have done and are doing to the planet, and underneath that, a feeling of guilt. We’re so entrenched in our way of life that it feels impossible to do what needs to be done in time to keep massive climate change from happening, and seeing the world emptied of people, if only for a few minutes in a series of photographs, gives us a respite from that."

See more of the images from Logue's book below.

Via Animal New York

Images via Matt Logue

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