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Up and coming Canadian artist, Maya Beaudry, recently started a new blog to display her work, simply titled, "Some Things I Made." Maya recently moved back to hometown Vancouver BC from Montreal QC, but is leaving for a two month stint in Mexico City next month to work on some projects. Using ordinary objects such as construction paper, bike wheels and thread, Maya re-shapes the mundane into anti-folk treasures. The new series she is working on comments on the recent subcultural fashion trend of Satanism.

Check out her work below and here.

bike wheel and thread


bike wheel with thread

giant friendship bracelet

sneak preview of the beginnings of the Satan project

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  1. Mish Mish says:


    And the girl is hilarious to boot:

  2. jay says:

    wow another circle wanker… what a crap.. this is all people do at emily carr they cant think so they create geometrical garbage

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