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Jaime Martínez is a 31-year old photographer who currently lives in Mexico City. He has worked for numerous publications all over Europe and North America including Rolling Stone, Fifi Magazine, Kinki Magazine, Bello and Fan the Fire. Aside from this, he spends most of his time going to shows and shooting images he later turns into epic magic-eye gifs. We came across his website a while back and decided to ask him about his work.

1. What do you love about photography?

Normally I am shy, so this is a good way to get to know people. It is like the camera gives you the permission to watch the people you like. And if they know that you will make a good portrait of them, they will open themselves to you.

2. How did you get into photography?

For as long as I can remember, my father was always buying second-hand stuff in the flea markets. So one day when I was like 13 he gave me a 35mm Minolta camera and I started to learn how to take photos.

3. How did the digital 3-d photos emerge? (See here)

Actually it was the same story, at the beginning of this year I was again with my father in the same flea market he has been visiting for years and this 3d camera was there. I didn't have money at that moment so I had to ask my father to buy it for me! He was refusing because he said it looks like a toy camera. I had to explain to him how it works and what I could do with it. Later, he gave it to me as a present.

4. Why is it important to document the world via photo?

I'm more focused on documenting my vision and my dreams about this and other worlds. I don't want to document the world as is it, I want to document what I see. Photos are images, and the memories most of the times are images.

5. Who inspires you?

The people who make me wonder what is going on with them. The things that are not said. The questions more than the answers. To search and get lost, and the people who share this vision.

6. Who are your influences?

Surrealistic writers, painters, musicians. Some movies from the 80s. Me as a child.

7. Why do you always take photos of women?

The short answer is: I like women.

All images property of Jaime Martinez.

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